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Cinderella Truffle Strain

Cinderella Truffle weed is a new strain from the trufflez brand. It has a fresh fruity inhale packed full of rich chestnuts and delicious cookie and a mouthful of sweet caramel. This strain is got by crossing the classic Tropicana Cookies X Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies strains.

Appearance of Cinderella Truffle Strain

It has a sweet and spicy citrusy flavor with just a hint of tropical earth upon exhale. The aroma is very earthy with a fruity pine overtone that’s accent by sweet citrus and sour woods as the nugs broke apart and burn away. The smell is just as amazing and sweet, with an earthy effect that’s accented by caramel flavored coffee and sweet fruits. Almost as soon as your experience your first exhale, the effects of the cinderella truffle will start to wind their way through

Effects Of This Strain

This strain has a full body numbing effect. It puts the user in a complete state of unfocus and euphoria after a few puffs. This strain is perfect for a rest day with friends on the couch. It is sure to leave you passed out and coming back for more.

Where To Buy This Strain

Alot of dispensaries in California and the U.S claim to sell authentic trufflez strains, most of this are fake. We recommend you buy trufflez weed such as purple truffle strain, pirates truffle and more from a licensed dispensary such as ours.

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OZ (28grams), QP (114grams), HP (228grams), P (454grams)


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