Trufflez Cali


Trufflez is a new cannabis brand in California. Trufflez has created a number of exotic strains that is quickly gaining popularity among cannabis connosieurs. The new strains created include: 

  • Truffle Treats
  • Purple Truffle
  • Snow White Truffle
  • Trufflelatti
  • Cinderella Truffle
  • Truffle 41
  • Pirate Truffle
  • Truffle Pie Weed
  • White Truffle Weed

Why Trufflez Cannabis Weed

Trufflez cannabis weed is a new exotic weed brand in California. We have created an exciting variety of strains that is quickly gaining popularity amongst cannabis connosieurs.

Trufflez strains have a similarity amongst all of them. They have a sweet tasting, long lasting high sure to leave you passed out on the couch. These strains are perfect for a lazy day relaxing on the couch with friends. 

The high starts out slow then gradually sets your body into euphoria. It has mind overwhelming effect that slows down your senses but leaves you conscious enough to notice things happening.

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